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-- Daniel J. Boorstin


Our First Venture

Observatory Facility:
The Highlander Fund's first Download Highlander Fund Grant Applicationchallenge is to raise and provide grantfunding for an observatory facility to house an advanced telescope donated to the school by a couple from Norfolk.

The telescope must be kept at ambient temperature for optimal operation. Currently the telescope must be partially assembled and hauled outside each time it is used. The observatory facility with retractable roof panel would provide a permanent home with the very important physical stability needed for proper operation of the device. Weather instrumentation and a small classroom may also be included in the observatory project.

In the week leading up to the stargazing event of November 21st, 2009, a New Hartford family donated their backyard observatory to the Highlander Fund. The observatory was transported to the school parking lot in time for the event.

Below is a photo of the observatory before it was moved.

donated observatory

Prior to the donation of the above observatory the Highlander Fund had been proceeding on the more elaborate plan shown below. The Fund continues to work toward the fulfillment of this plan.

Below are the architect's conceptions of the placement of an observatory facility on the roof of the northeast corner of the Middle School wing above the covered entryway to the building at that location. The second image below shows the covered entryway closed in to house stairway and ADA access to the dome and a small classroom with weather instrumentation and a flat screen monitor which will project the images seen through the telescope.

Proposed site for the Observatory

Observatory Site

Artist's Conception of the Observatory in Place




Projects Funded:

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Robotics Club – Computer

Science Class – Waders for Pond Project

LINKS Program - Supplies to create specialty greeting cards

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We welcome suggestions for additional projects which would benefit the students of Northwestern Regional 7 and the community at large. We prefer to invest in self-limiting projects which do not impose ongoing funding or high-maintenance, on-budget obligations on taxpayers in subsequent years.

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